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FRIENDS ONLY. [Sun Dec 2008 at 6:29pm]

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"Yeah, so ... fix that?" [Tue Feb 2007 at 8:36pm]
As opposed to the one which will soon be switched out of my profile ...

this completes my set of "The best {un}birthday part evaar" for el jay, paired with my icons. Thank you Ruby!

... if you have a "Willy Wonka" (surprise!) party.
... totally not saying you are ...
I call Veruca.
As much as you like singing her song.
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"They had to talk about, like, when they took a breath. Like 'Omg, that was some breath'!" [Tue Jan 2007 at 12:59am]
[ mood | Rejuvenated. ]

2006 was a great year for me; especially in the friends department. Not only did I strengthen relationships and build new ones here, but I made some fantastic friends lobbying for immigration and shooting 'EDIT:UNDO' in Washington, D.C. I was able to see one of those friends this Winter Break, Nathan, and will be seeing another one tomorrow, the final day of vacation.

Over break, I also hung out with Sam, who is now the big "two - oh". We saw 'Pursuit of Happyness' and 'The Holiday' together at The Loop and Downtown Disney. I missed hanging out with my big sis, sappy as it sounds. Among all the family stuff I had to muddle through for the holiday season, she made it not so painfully boring but fun. Infact, not being able to get out of the house and see my friends as much as I wanted [ for various reasons] was sort of okay because of her.

I took Ruben to see 'High School Musical in concert' at the T.D Waterhouse.
He smacked me in the face while dancing.
It was a blast.

Before I knew it, Christmas came around.
>> Deck The HaulCollapse )

Then came the wild party with Caitlin and some friends.
Which is all you'll know.
Then karaoke with Ally and Ruben.

Blahdee blaahh, other fun stuff happened ...

And, finally, New Years Eve.
Staci picked me up and we hung out with Ms. Sarah Braithwood.
Be jealous.
It was so much fun, especially the catch phrase session and Little Red Riding Hood.
I also learned a black people sign.
We watched 'Little Nicky' and ate bagel bites until 3am.

>> Corny New Year ResolutionsCollapse )

All in all, I did a lot of laying around and sleeping in this Winter Break. It felt great, and now I'm ready and wide awake for 2007. I have a feeling it's going to be a great year.

P.s. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkxRsrpsAcQ
Watch it. Love it. Live it.

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"We can play 'Wanted Dead or Alive'! No, wait. No. We can't." [Mon Nov 2006 at 8:23pm]
The Hush Sound concert was nothing short of amazing.
We went early for the meet and greet, so early in fact, that we had our own, personal meet and greet with my two favorite boys; Chris and Bob. Chris was on a smoke break but he still took some fabulous pictures with us and his "model pose".

The meet and greet itself was entertaining. Chris kept cracking me up and we conned them into doing a 'Charlie's Angels' pose for our group shot { photos later }.
"Chris! Do the model pose again!"
"What does that even mean?"

Bob sang 'Border Patrol', or what he "remembered" of it, for me and Ally.

Then, This is Me Smiling played.
They were good.
I thought Dan was way cute so I talked to him, bought a t-shirt { thank you Ruben }, and he signed it for me on the boob. rofl. It turns out he's from Chicago, too, and has my same, dorky, accent.
There was an old photobooth there, and I really wanted Dan to take some pictures with me. Ally helped the situation, and it ended up happening - THIS IS US SMILINGCollapse ).

This Providence was great.
Murder by Death was great, too.

THS played almost everything off of 'Like Vines' and a few old ones, too.
Like, 'The Market'.
I was too happy for that.

&& Dan kissed me in a photobooth.

Pretty, darn good night, I'd say.
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"I know he thinks you're 'fun and stuff', but does he know how to wind you up?" [Sat Nov 2006 at 4:51pm]
[ mood | Accomplished. ]

The fam that was here for Thanksgiving is finally gone.
The four kids.
The four dogs.
The four adults, all able to tell you what to do.


I love 'em to death but the fact that I have a house to myself again is what I'm most thankful for. rofl I have a life again!

Speaking of my life, here are some short and not so short term goals;
I. Get a seasonal job as Alice @@ Disney
II. Make money
III. Buy Christmas gifts
IV. Be cast in 'Anything Goes'
V. Take dance classes
VI. Start preparing for SAT's
VII. Apply to every college, evar
VIII. Hopefully work hard enough to get into NYU,
IX. If not, Pace University as a second and great choice
X. Just end up in NY, in general, please

Pace University is looking really rad. It's a private school. It has a nice study abroad program, good courses in communications, religious studies and languages { I want to major in English and Japanese }, fine arts courses like fashion design and textiling and opportunities for those interested in being on Broadway, which they take extremely seriously there.

Also, 'Inside the Actor's Studio' is shot there.

I get to meet 'The Hush Sound' tomorrrooowww.

I'm way excited about my life. =)

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I invite you to . . . [Fri Nov 2006 at 2:05pm]

See You Can't Take it With You @ FHS, 7:oo p.m
$7 general admission; $5 with student I.D

Check itCollapse ).

"Long story short - " "TOO LATE!" [Fri Nov 2006 at 1:58pm]
I. Paniced! at the DiscoCollapse )
II. Relay for Life
III. Caitlin Mahoney
IV. 'You can't Take it With You'
V. Creepy, boy drama
VI. Oww, my back hurts, waahh


P.s - New layout, mofos.

"My pink thong will be staring in all the church faces!" [Sun Nov 2006 at 2:19pm]
[ mood | Tired. ]

Ruben and I will be going to Districts with our scene. Go team. =].
Congrats to everyone else who made it!

Rehearsals suck. It's very hard not to mime hanging myself on stage. Learn your effing lines or meet my fist. Rofl.

Friday I hung out with Evi, Caitlin the Hill, and Felicia Bo Bicia.
We saw 'Borat', also known as the funniest and most offensive movie you'll ever see.
I'm seeing it again.
Evi and I slept over at Caite's.
Evi feel asleep at 1am, Caite and I talked and laughed until 3am and decided to rest up for rehearsal the next day.
We picked up Amycullen and Joel for Concert Choir rehearsal and had even more fun when Tony joined.
"It'll just be a hallway upstairs with one door at the end of it. Inside, will be a chair. Just a chair. Then annacondas inside a pool of McDonalds play balls."
We're too cool for you.
Caitlin Hill is my favorite person. Sorry everyone else. Haha.

Staci came over and we watched the premiere of 'Totally Awesome'.
Which was, no pun intended, totally awesome.
It was sad that I could pick up every 80's refference they made.
Staci let me borrow her bonus 'Nightmare Before Christmas' CD with P!atD, Fall Out Boy, Fiona Apple, ... covering the songs.
Best. Friends. For. Life.
Then we met up with Evi for church on Sunday.
Little David said he prayed for Ric Keller.
I said "For Ric Keller, or for Ric Keller's soul?"
He laughed.
I didn't.

Then I "bumped into" Felicia at Target.
We're just stalking each other. Lol.
"I dropped a lot of quarters!"

Look no further, I have found the coolest people on earth and they're totally my friends.

The Village is on FX. Yesss.

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